Outdoor Design and Realisations

Expanding the creative process.

Some new ideas and techniques to create landscapes, sculptures and outdoor buildings. Developing new techniques to better integrate exterior elements with harmonious applications.

Outdoor art is something that I have been doing for a few years now. There are various projects that I have worked on from concrete constructions, landscape designs and buildings. A common element has been the use of recycled materials wherever possible. I have always liked getting the most out of any material and believe that recycling is a way to not only help avoid increase potentially hazardous landfill but also a great chance to open your own creative process and build something useful or even beautiful.

If we all stop and think what it would take to mine some copper to make a wire or even make an item like a glass bottle then we would start to realise that the things we are throwing away have gone through a long production process to arrive in our hands and we should be returning them for recycling or extending their product life.

Outdoor Design Gallery