Art and Sounds


New website with works and paintings for 2017. 




I paint in a way that lets people use their imagination to complete the picture making their own experience based on the colour, forms and linework.The nature of the work is very caligraphic. The contrasting lines represent the text and the colours and shapes create the emotional verbs allowing the each piece to talk in a visual sense.The application is very much inspired by a unique movement. Each element super imposed without guide lines, each painting unique in the journey of colour and shapes.

Making Music

For may years now I have been making music and ambient compositions. The initial realisation was thanks to a visit in London of a staged meditation hut for an art exhibition. After being cocooned in the hut and lulled by relaxing recordings I came out with the idea that not only was it interesting but almost essential that my artistic and commercial productions would be more complete with an appropriate use of sound.

Many of my initial tracks have a theme and I try to tell a story or impart a feeling through the choice of instruments, tempo and and rhythms.Here is a sample player of some of the tracks I have made.

Visit my sound cloud page

Flash Sound Player

Flash music player that I created, with the album "Mixed Emotions" added.

Media Player Site

100%html built with a few simple scripts




I was painting and doing collages whilst living in London as a counterbalance to my commercial work. Since then I have continued to produce art and sculptural pieces which I document via a wordpress blog called

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