Take a small trip with Paintings and Soundscapes.

Searching and Creating.

Always creating, recycling, modifying and building. I started my artistic career as a trained graphic designer and evolved to digital design and producing multimedia art. My interests in all things visual has inspired the subject matter and my "hands on" nature and digital experience has helped me to create artworks that are both dynamic and human in nature. I have an appreciation of resources whatever that may be so I enjoy recycling objects and materials. I try to impart this idea of renovation or upcycling into some of my works.



Simplifying Virtual Abstract Voyages.

My objective is to make abstract art which are detached from a direct representation but create the emotional markers that represent the subject. This is done by use of colors, forms and for some realisations with a microscopic interpretation of the inner workings of a subject -  the dream, emotion and imagination of a subject for me is far more enticing than an real world representations. The use of physical materials to create virtual experiences is a direct contradiction to our own technical evolution. By using a simpler physical language I try to reduce the technical noise that viewers are already distracted by and channel that with music to guide them to enter into the subject.

I avoid signing on the face of a work for several reasons  but mainly I think this distracts from the viewers experience. Works are usually signed on the side or back and the naming is my own interpretation or idea that motivated the creation of the piece. The name serves also to spark the viewers own experience, discoveries or associations but does not define the experience. The viewer is invited to adopt or define their own title for the piece.

The works are created with the idea that they can be rotated to adapt to their environment. I try to keep an open mind to make the pieces interactive in a sense that they can be switched or rotated to form new variants.



Get Lost in the work.

I would like people to interact with the work with their own experiences. For me looking at my own work I try and enjoy and let my imagination converse with the piece. Often I get lost creating and can lose myself when looking at the piece - sometimes getting lost is essential to creating your destiny or the unique destiny of the piece.

The abstract and random nature is what I love to impart when creating - I think it is this freedom that I try to share with viewer. Moreover my anti dictatorial stance on describing the actual elements within the work is fundamental to the evolution of the piece, I invite the viewer to return and look into the canvases again and again and discover new elements or emotions. Often I like to look at the works again and let my mind wander so I invite my audience to do the same with their own imagination.

Contrasting Details

The pieces offer for some, a certain escapism and meditation. In recent years I have started using more black line work in the paintings. It is the way a try and tell the "story" of that work, in fact it is how I bring the piece to life bringing the needed contrast. It could also be a reflection of modern living and its complications - often I have to hold back on over detailing the work balancing enough depth without overstating the subject.



Colour and Random Events.

I am inspired by my visual contact with natural and man made objects and landscapes. The need to capture the idea that I think is core to the experience or emotion of that element often translates into my own art production. World events and day to day experiences sometimes give me an idea for a new piece, as I try and describe my own vision of the event. Sometimes I just let the paint flow so to speak using a simple sketch to initiate work that I will try to make sense of later.


With the vision of trying to transport the audience into the canvases I have composed digital music which helps the dimension of the work. I invite the audience to voyage with me and lose themselves with the colours, forms, music and their own imagination. 

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