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Hello. my name is Simon, I am an Australian artist living on the French /Swiss border near Geneva. You have been invited to view a sampling of my art works. The style has been described as maritime, modern, calligraphic abstract. My approach to each work often leads to new and unique pieces with recognisable elements randomly recycled and integrated into new evolutions.

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Artist Overview - Objectives


More about this presentation.

Thankyou for visiting the site and taking the time to look at my work. I have outlined below the objective of this presentation and you will find my contact details below.


Goals and Objectives

My ultimate objective is to produce artworks of growing magnitude and diversity so I am looking for alliances with agents and galleries that have enthusiasm for the works - which include, paintings, sculptures and accompanying music/soundscapes. I believe the exhibitions I will build will have a depth beyond striking canvases and really allow viewers to journey with their own imagination by reaching them with use of colour, sculpture and music soundscapes which I have composed.


Media and Materials

The paintings are produced in my studio on canvas and recycled wood. The use of recycled materials is one element that I have incorporated by choice to integrate my own views on modern environmental responsibility. The painting subject is varied from abstract concepts to landscape interpretations which spark the viewers imagination without dictating via realistic or referenced imagery. I use all types of paint oil, acrylic and spray to achieve unique evolutions depending on the support - plywood, canvas, mdf, oak etc



The overall feel of the works is very dynamic, with options of pieces that can create harmony or challenge the viewer. There is also an organic and random feel to the works which are by their nature difficult to reproduce, each item is unique. Often I avoid formally sketching on on the canvas in order to add an improvised approach to colour and design. The recycled nature of the materiels and the way I use oil like water colours creating depths with washes is a technique that I have been using for many years and works well with the ecological idealogy. I am someone who by nature does not like to waste so I reuse and maximise resources. I strongly believe that materials should be used in order to extract their maximal value.


Non Comercial Exhibitions

The artworks are created for non commercial purposes - they are not for sale - they are available for exhibition and the concept behind the production of the works is not to create a business but to create an experience for the viewer that is not linked with ownership in the traditional sense. These are the fruits of many years work. The objective to create keep creating larger canvases and new sculptural works with a diversity of materiels that correspond and support the canvas work. I have a selection of ideas and sketches that are ready to be transformed into art. My canvases and theorem for an exhibition called  "evolver" are ready for launch, it is composed of interactive canvases and comments on consumerism.